2012 Westfield Athletic Hall of Fame


The Westfield Athletic Hall of Fame is meant to recognize those young men and women who have achieved great success in the classroom and on the field of play. Only a small number of individuals who work hard to improve and give of themselves for the benefit of the team have the opportunity to achieve the honor bestowed upon a Hall of Fame Inductee.
If you know of someone who deserves consideration for entry to the Westfield High School Athletic Hall of Fame (WHSAHOF), take the time to review the requirements, put together the necessary information and make the case for the candidate. To be nominated by a parent, coach or another young athlete is the only way to begin the process of gaining entry into the WSHAHOF. So take a moment to consider that person you are thinking of, so you can start the nomination process that would honor their achievements.
The Hall of Fame Committee
Lou Nistler, Chair
WHSHOF nomination applications are available to download at www.westfieldathletics.org
Click on the Boosters tab, then look under the files tab for the nomination forms.
The deadline for submission is February 1st, 2012! 
Nomination Guidelines
~Nominated athletes shall be graduates of Westfield High School and shall have been out of school a minimum of four years.
~Coaches or athletic administrators shall have had tenures of at least five years at Westfield High School.
~Teams shall be eligible for consideration after a minimum of four years after completion of that sports season.
Nomination Criteria
To be considered for inclusion into the Westfield High School Athletic Hall of Fame an individual or team shall meet one of the criteria listed below:
Individual Athlete Nomination Criteria
~Selected first team All-State in any sport sanctioned by the Virginia High       School League
~Individual state champion in any sport/event sanctioned by the Virginia High School League
~Offensive, Defensive and /or Player of the Year in Virginia
~Northern Region or District Player of the Year
~First Team All Region or All District
~Individual Westfield record holder
~Individual, nominated by a head coach, deemed worthy of Hall of Fame consideration
Team, Coach and Athletic Administrator Nomination Criteria
~Coaching (Head or Assistant) records and accomplishments
~Team state champion in any sport sanctioned by the Virginia High School League
~Athletic Administrator accomplishments
The inductees into the Westfield Athletic Hall of Fame is as follows:
Team:             2003 State Championship Football Team
           2004 State Championship Outdoor Boys Track & Field Team
Athletes:           Louis Corum (Football & Track & Field)
Sean Glennon (Football)
Eddie Royal (Football)
Lacey White (Volleyball)
MaryLynne Schaffer (Basketball)
Chris Black (Track & Field)
Chris Courson (Track & Field)
David Groff (Track & Field)
James Scheiner (Track & Field)
Alvin Tondereau (Track & Field)
Phillipe Tondereau (Track & Field)
Carmen Meade (Track & Field)
Katherine Pettine (Track & Field)
Brandon Snyder (Baseball)
Justin Bour (Baseball)
Evan Royster (Football)
David Lewis (Track and Field)
Karen Wolley (Track and Field)
Coach: Terri Towle (Field Hockey) 
            Tom Verbanic (Football)
Administrator: Francis Dall
Chairman: Lou Nistler
Vice-Chairman: Sam Miller
Secretary: Becky Bays
Kim Davidson
Lory Sasek
Nancy Miller
Terri Towle, Director of Student Activities
Tim Thomas, Principal
John Cleveland, WABC President
Note:  The program from the first HOF induction ceremony including information on each of the inductees can be found on the files page of the Booster Home page.