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Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School


Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

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VHSL Physical Night June 13, 2018


Westfield High School will be hosting its annual sports physicals fundraiser on Wed June 13th, Full Flyer attached

Emergency Care Card


For each sport season the athlete must complete a new Emergency Care Card and submit to that coach.

2017 Updated VHSL Physical Form


School Accident Insurance

School Accident Insurance Information for 2012.doc

All athletes must have health insurance to participate in athletics. Students without health care can participate by purchasing school accident insurance through K & K. This also serves as suplemental insurance for those who would like supplement coverage to offset deductibles. Please call the athletic trainer if you have questions. 703-488-6413. School Accident Insurance must be purchased online. Receipt may serve as proof of insurance.

Nutrition Resources


Great meal ideas, snack ideas, and tips for meal timing.

Field Trip Driver Form


Field Trip General/Rider Form


Parents - Athletic Training Policy in FCPS


Details in the Attached Document regarding physician notes, medications, and return to play. Keep in mind that all injuries and illnesses effectingparticipation must be reported to a staff ATC. Clearance must be given by a staff ATC following time loss or other significant injury before returning to athletic activity in FCPS. (This may be in addition to physician clearance). The ATC can not overrule the physician’s guidelines that prohibit or restrict athletic activity. The ATC may modify the athlete’s activities as a means of reducing significant risk of further injury. All inhalers, bee sting kits, etc. belonging to athletes must be at EVERY practice and game for the athlete to participate.

Physician Response Form


When our Athletes see a physician, they are required to provide written documentation that details the doctor's recommendations for clearance. Please ask the physician to be detailed as possible. KEEP IN MIND that "No practice" vs. "limited practice" means that Jimmy cannot run with the team even if it is a broken finger.

WHS Emergency Action Plan for Coaches


Coaches, please review prior to the season and prepare yourself and assistants in the event of emergency.

Weight Room Permission Form


FCPS Communicable Disease Information Sheet


Form must be read, reviewed, signed, and returned to the athletic trainer.

HS Weightroom Use - For High School Students


Information for the ATSA


Are you interested in Health Sciences or Sports Medicine? Volunteering as an Athletic Training Student Aide is a great way to observe and assist the school's Certified Athletic Trainers.


Westfield Indoor Track 2018 Absence Form
Complete this form for ANY AND ALL absences from either practices or meets. Failure to do so will results in an unexcused absence and potentially dismissal from the team.

Westfield Indoor Track 2018 Facebook Group
Join the Facebook group! You will be able to receive the most up-to-date information on the team, meet results, connect with current and former athletes and their families. Help grow and enrich our Westfield Track Family

Concussion Education for Athletes and Parents
Access the attached site for completing both the Athlete and Parent components of the Concussion Education Online Course.
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