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Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School


Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

Bulldogs Athletics

Westfield High School

Team News.

Team News

5 days ago @ 8:10PM

Athletic Registration to Complete Before Feb. 15

New this year! This registration must be completed before tryouts, which begin on February 15th. 

Each athlete trying out or participating in a sport must complete this registration BEFORE tryouts. Use this Registration Link to fill out the following forms:

  • Emergency Care Card
  • Concussion Education
  • Weight Room Form
  • Drivers Form
  • Field Trip Form

All of the above forms are required of athletes. 

Team News

5 days ago @ 8:22PM

VHSL Physical to be Handed In Before Feb. 15

Each athlete planning on trying out needs to turn in a VHSL Physical Form. This form can be found here: VHSL 2020 Physical Form.  

Hard copies can be scanned to or dropped off in the Activities Office at Westfield High School. 

Team News

5 days ago @ 8:16PM

Contact Info

Have you contacted Coach Shoemaker that you are interested in trying out? 

Please email Amy Shoemaker, Head Girls Volleyball Coach:

Team News

5 days ago @ 8:37PM

2021 Tryouts

Tryouts will be held starting on February 15th, 2021. 

Please go to "TEAM FILES" to see the calendars for January 2021 - April 2021: these are schedules for tryouts and then practice/game times if you make the team. If you make a team, your attendance at practices and games are mandatory. 

Also under "TEAM FILES" is a document that lists what coaches are looking for at each level during tryouts. Please read through this before Tryouts. 

Team News

7 months ago @ 6:32PM

Paperwork Needed to Participate in the Fall 2020

All paperwork is needed before you can tryout on August 3, 2020!  If you don't have your paperwork in you cannot participate until it is turned in!  Highly recommend everything is taken care of BEFORE Aug 3, 2020!

1.  VHSL physical (on that form) date after May 1, 2020

2.  Concussion Education (pdf) The signature page needs turned in.

3.  Emergency Care Card

Here is a link to the forms on the Westfield Athletics Website

Any questions please contact me.

Team News

7 months ago @ 3:08PM

Summer Schedule 2020

  1. Bring a 32 oz or bigger filled water bottle, will not have access to water
  2. Bring your mask
  3. Wear a light colored T-Shirt – NO Black or Navy – will help with heat/sweat
  4. Bring Emergency Card – CANNOT participate without it!
  5. Physical and Concussion Cert go to Shandi ( and Terri ( Do NOT need these right now to participate but will once we go green.
  6. Arrival at Stadium or Track - Pull up to ticket booth and remain in car until approved by myself. It will be as if you are in a drive thru at fast food. Once approved you will then park your car and head to the field wearing your mask. You will have your temperature taken and questions asked. If your temp is 100.4 or greater you will be sent home along with anyone else in the car with you.
  7. Check Email for staggered arrival and departure times.

July VBALL Schedule 2020
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