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Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 5:19AM

Have you register for winter sports?

To tryout for winter sports you must registered your athlete. The link below will help you get started, This Registration must be done before the 1st day of tryouts. Tryouts start on Dec. 7 for basketball. 






Team News

7 months ago @ 7:54PM

tryout information for 12/7 - 12/11

Boys Basketball tryout times: for the week of 12/7 - 12/11

 Boys Varsity and JV 3:30 -5:30pm please get to the school ASAP for Covid Check-in 

 Boys Freshman: 7:30 -9:30pm please get to the school no later then 7:10 for Covid Check-in

Things you need for Tryout:

White T-shirt with your name on the front and back

1 gallon of water 


Change of clothing for when you leave practice

All your forms


Team News

8 months ago @ 12:18PM by Doug Ewell

Boys Basketball Vitural Basketball Meeting 11/30 7pm

Westfield Boys Basketball Virtual Meeting is on 11/30 @ 7pm.  This meeting is very important we will be discussing tryout information and the new Covid Protocols dealing with basketball

Here is the link to the meeting:



Hope you can make it,

Coach Ewell

Team News

8 months ago @ 7:30AM

Boy's Basketball Meeting 11/30 7pm

Westfield Boys Basketball team will be having a virtual Basketball Meeting on Nov. 30 at 7pm. This meeting is for those student athletes that are trying out and for parents, I will send out the virtual link on Monday morning. 

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:56PM

Boy Basketball tryout information

Boys’ Basketball tryout information:

  • Basketball tryout will be held 12/7 – 12/11 we will start releasing students’ athletes that don’t make the team starting 12/9 and hope to have a final team no later than 12/11
  • Practice times for the week of 12/7 -12/11 is Boys Varsity 3:30 – 5:30, JV 3:30 – 5:15 and Freshman 7:30 – 9:15pm. Check- in time is 15mins before practice starts! Due to the Pandemic all players must be check-in at door 11 and leave throw door 13. Parents can’t just drop their kid off; they must stay with them until they are check-in. FCPS doesn’t want students lingering around in the building after practice so please pick up your son at the correct time.
  • Tryout Materials
    • White tee-shirts with you last name written on the back, basketball shoes
    • Clothes to pull over your tryout clothing at the end of practice
    • 1gallon of water to have during practice



Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the world, but it also carries the smallest numbers of athletes, which makes is very difficult to make the team. I encourage all players who don’t make a team to continue to play. We have had many players who didn’t make it one year who came back out the next year and make the team.


Terri Towel will be holding a Winter Sports Town Hall on Monday 11/23 @ 6:30pm

Boys Basketball will be holding an interest meeting on Monday 11/30 @ 7PM

Team News

8 months ago @ 12:59PM

Winter Sports Town Hall 11/23 6pm

Bulldog Student Athletes and Parents –


In preparation for the Winter Athletic Season there is a lot to do! This email provides you with information such as paperwork check list and details about our Winter Sports Town Hall.


Please see below for a check list to help ensure all your forms are in and complete.  Several forms have been added to our new registration process to maximize the use of this data collection and to minimize handling of any paper. 

Please make sure you have completed all of them.  This may require that you log back into your athletic registration account.  It is more important than ever to make sure we know who is going to show up for tryouts for our winter sports.

Please go through this list carefully as things have been added!


  1. Have you communicated with the head coach that you are interested in trying out?  Contact and emails can be found here. Look for Coaches Info
  2. Have you handed in a hard copy of your VHSL Physical form?  The form can be found here  VHSL 2020 Physical Form. Hard copies can be scanned to slpartner@fcps.edu or dropped off in the Activities Office.
  3. New this year!   Have you completed the online Athletic Registration?  This Registration Link will allow you to complete the following: Emergency Care Card, Concussion Education, Weight room form, Drivers form, field trip form.....ALL of these are required of athletes.


The Westfield Activities Office is excited to host an Winter Sports Town Hall Meeting,  Monday November 23, 2020 from 6:30 – 7:30pm.   A link will be sent out via  e-Notify  Choose on November 23.

The focus will be on the start up of winter sports.  The Winter Sports Town Hall will be recorded for those that are unable to attend.   If you have questions you would like answered during the Winter Sports Town Hall please complete this FORM  

  We will try to answer as many questions possible during our Winter Sports Town Hall and will use these questions to guide our presentation.


If you would like to explore transportation options to tryouts the week of Dec 7 (Basketball ) or the week of Dec 14 (winter track, swim & dive, gymnastics and wrestling), please complete the following questionnaire: Tryout Transportation Questionnaire.


We are looking forward to seeing our athletes.  We are finalizing our tryout schedule and hope to have those dates posted on our website www.westfieldathletics.org by next week.

Thank you Bulldogs, for your continued support and patience as everything is evolving!





Team News

10 months ago @ 9:43PM

VHSL Physical and Emergency Care Card

Parents and Players, Westfield Basketball will start conditioning very soon, to participant in our basketball conditioning program you must have your VHSL Physical turned in and have completed the online registration for Athletics HERE and Emergency care card turn in. The best way to turn in your VHSL Physical is to email it to Shandi Partner at slpartner@fcps.edu. 

Click Here for you VHSL Physical form

Click Here for online registration which includes required Emergency Care Card information and Concussion Education

Team News

10 months ago @ 8:33AM

VHSL Physical and Emergency Card Card

Parents and Students athletes:

If you haven't turned in your VHSL physicals and emergency care cards you make do so on Sept. 21, 22,24 and 28 during the Westfield text book distribution from 4-7pm. Mrs. Partner will be there to collect and verify forms. Please keep a copy of your forms for your own records. If you can't make those date you can still: Mail to the school Attn Terri Towle, Scan/email to slpartner@fcps.edu or bring to the 1st conditioning day


Coach Ewell

Team News

9 months ago @ 8:32AM by Doug Ewell

Rules for conditioning session: Which start on Monday 10/5 @ 3:30pm - 5pm

We are doing online screenings now for conditioning sessions. You will be completing this each time you attend a session. You can 1) complete the form below no more than 2 hours prior to attending or 2) complete it when you arrive using a QR code. If you complete if more than 2 hours prior to attending conditioning, you will be asked to complete it again.


Upon arrival, please remain in your car and pull up to the ticket booth area in front of the stadium. Do NOT exit your car until the athletic trainer says you are cleared to attend conditioning.


There is a question that asks about if this is your first time filling out this form. You will answer ‘yes’ once per sport you participate in. After the first time completing this form for a particular sport, you will answer ‘no’. For example] if you attend a football and basketball conditioning, you will ‘yes’ for your first time attending each sport.


You are required to have a completed physical on file with the athletic trainers. You can turn it in to the athletic trainer at the screenings, but will be turned away if it is incomplete. If you would like to turn it in earlier, please feel free to scan and email it to slpartner@fcps.edu.  You are also required to have completed online registration for Athletics at https://westfield-ar.rschooltoday.com/  


https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1kkUDmMz0TpY8Yu0hIFRCQoANCSmehClvdyv99Tu5sAhRwA/viewform *After completing the form, please clear page in your browser as to avoid duplicate entries.


Once you are cleared to attend conditioning, please wear your mask until you are told you can remove it and maintain social distancing of 10 feet during activity.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs Partner, ATC



Stadium – Pick up should be at the press box. If you are unable to open the door by the press box, let me know and I can make sure it is open (it just needs to get closed at the end of the day).


Track Turf – Pick up should be by the gate outside of the track turf


Tennis Courts – Pick up should be by the tennis courts.


Team News

1 year ago @ 10:14AM

Boys Basketball Interest Meeting June 1 1pm

Westfield Boys Basketball will have A virtual Basketball interest meeting on Monday June 1st at 1pm. This meeting is for all students who have interest in playing Basketball at Westfield next season. To received an invite you must email Coach Ewell with your fcpsschools.net email. 

Hope all can make it,

Coach Ewell


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